Judith Pollmann – Theo de Jong – Roser Morante – Erika Kuijpers – Alie Lassche

Judith Pollmann is professor of Early Modern Dutch History at Leiden University. Her work concerns the question how people and societies in the past negotiated change. This has resulted in work on early modern identity formation, the history of the early modern Netherlands and the Dutch Revolt; the Reformation and Counter-Reformation in Europe and the social history of religion; the history of early modern memory, news and public opinion. Much of her work is based on the study of chronicles, diaries, and other personal records.

Erika Kuijpers is assistant professor at VU University Amsterdam and teaches medieval and early modern history of The Netherlands. She also coordinates the Minor Digital Humanities and Social Analytics at VU. Her research focusses on the cultural and social history of memory, emotions, trauma, religion, orality and the practice of chronicling in Early Modern Europe 1500 – 1800.

Theo de Jong is a PhD candidate in History at Leiden University.

Alie Lassche is a PhD candidate in History at Leiden University. In 2019, she completed her research master’s Dutch literature and culture at Utrecht University with distinction, and wrote a thesis on topical fluctuation in early modern Dutch songs. In general, she is interested in using computational methods to research cultural products, in order to investigate cultural change over time.

Roser Morante is assistant professor at VU University Amsterdam. She is member of the Computational Lexicology & Terminology (CLTL) lab. Her general interest is deep text understanding by machines. She applies supervised and unsupervised techniques to semantic-oriented natural language processing tasks at sentence, document and multi-document level. Her main research focus is on processing extra-propositional aspects of meaning, such as modality, factuality, attribution, or negation.